Collaborating Organizations

Sudbury Arts Council

Sudbury Arts Council / Conseil des arts de Sudbury (SAC) is a non-profit organization founded July 31, 1974. Its mission is to “Communicate, Connect and Celebrate” the arts in the City of Greater Sudbury.
Over its almost 50-year history, SAC was instrumental in the establishment of Cinéfest, an Artists’ Studio Tour, and the Sudbury Writers’ Guild. It has sponsored Arts Crawls, and supported the establishment of Wordstock Literary Festival in 2013. It was a co-creator of the Sudbury Celebration of the Arts, an award gala. SAC established Gallery 6500, an art gallery at the local Steelworkers Hall.
In October 2022, the arts council hosted Rendezvous North, a conference for Northern Ontario artists.

Independent Arts Council Timmins (I:ACT)

Placing a spotlight on the arts in Timmins! Our mission is to strengthen Timmins arts community through promotion, advocacy, and facilitation of networking opportunities. We envision the City of Timmins as a place where artists and arts organizations can thrive on the values of collaboration, engagement and connection.

The Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective (NRCC)

The Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective (NRCC) works with curators, artists, collectives and cultural organizations (eg. the Gateway Theatre Guild) to promote, animate, produce and document cultural events in the Nipissing region of northeastern Ontario. The NRCC is committed to the professional payment of artists as outlined by the CARFAC Ontario union of artists. We are connecting new regional and national audiences for art and culture to emerging and professional visual, media and performing artists in the Nipissing region. The NRCC also offers administrative and educational programming assistance to all non-profit organizations in our region.

Réseau SPARC Network

Réseau SPARC Network (SPARC = Supporting Performing Arts in Rural and Remote Communities) is a network whose purpose is to ignite and help sustain the performing arts community in rural and remote Ontario, and beyond. The SPARC network is comprised of artists, creators, presenters, producers, community animators (those folks who get things moving in a community!) and arts workers. We believe that a strong, vibrant network will significantly raise the profile of the performing arts in our rural and
remote communities and, as a result, will increase our capacity to make awesome performing arts projects happen. And, as a byproduct, will make our communities more vibrant, welcoming and alive.

The Iroquois Falls Arts Council (IFAC)

The Iroquois Falls Arts Council (IFAC) was founded in 1988, with the mission to build the community auditorium inside the Iroquois Falls Secondary School. After successfully fulfilling its mission and hosting several performance arts series for adults and children, the non-profit organization went dormant around the year 2000. It was formally revived by a new group of volunteers in 2019. The IFAC is now a registered charity arts organization, located in Northeastern Ontario. Our purpose is to advance the public’s appreciation of the arts, and our mission is to connect the community through partnerships, support and promotion of the arts in all their diverse forms. Our website is filled with helpful resources, and we encourage those interested in the arts!