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The Making Of…

The Making Of…

As we continue to build this fantastic network and hub, we’re working behind the scenes on a splashy launch event and some serious advertising to promote artists in the North – NAC Members (cue, if you haven’t signed up, pop online and do so soon).

In preparation for all this fine activity, we continue to speak to the artists and organizations that this is all about and soon we’ll have something cool to share.  

I have to say, I never tire of hearing about why folk think this is a valuable effort and why they want to be involved. Whether from Timmins or Temiskaming, North Bay or Northeast, it is very clear, that Northern Ontario is unique in its offerings to the arts; the land and the seasons impact the work in a way very different from the South; there is an untapped – uncharted – well of artists to discover and support; and while there are so many unique communities, there is a remarkable collective will. 

Watch for the video soon.

To find out more and to get involved while you wait:

-  Erica May-Wood is a theatre artist, teacher and producer, currently proudly working as Project Manager for Northern Arts Connection


In Conversation about Northern Ontario Artists

In Conversation about Northern Ontario Artists

Having newly joined the team that is organizing this hub of talent and engagement, I wanted to learn more about the artists, curators and leaders that have been involved in building this thus far and why they believe in Northern Arts Connection. The work and the people are incredibly impressive. Here’s what I’ve learned so far: 

It all started with a vision Dave MacDonald (Chair of the board, Living Temagami) had: to unite to showcase the incredible talent across the vast region of Northern Ontario. “There is a wealth of talent here, and the North has often been overlooked. If we join forces and share skills and resources, we can learn from each other and let the rest of the province and country know about the magnificent work.”

Terre Chartrand (Theatre and textile artist, project coordinator of Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective (NRCC) and newest member of the Northern Arts Connection (NAC) steering committee) says, “NAC is crucial for connecting northern artists and establishing a sense of a northern arts ecology. We are not the same, across the north. We have unique needs but the ability to come together in a supportive force is incredible.”

Especially post-2020, we’ve really seen a need for reaching out across communities and virtual is key – especially in rural and remote communities where travel can be prohibitive. NAC allows us to mobilize across distances; though geographically apart we are connected, and in partnership we are all strengthened, “ says Melissa Laporte, Executive director and curator of the Temiskaming Art Gallery and NAC committee lead.

Gerry Gooderham, northern Ontario photographer and exhibited artist at LTAC, Board member of LTAC and NAC committee lead, echoes this sentiment. “NAC gels communities together and creates a conversation between organizations. With features like the regional calendar on the site, we can be working in concert when we plan events, we can plan tours (live or livestream) and gain greater exposure working as a network.”

Working collaboratively and collectively is a key part of the vision of NAC. “Consultation happens in a way where the platform can have its own personality, reflective of the people involved”, says Terre.

Reflective of the people involved, and the rich artistic talent, across forms, NAC promises to be an active, engaged hub serving artists, arts organizations, audiences and tourists across not only Northern Ontario, but across the entire province, and maybe even the country. 

To find out more and to get involved:

-  Erica May-Wood is a theatre artist, teacher and producer, currently 
proudly working as Project Manager for Northern Arts Connection

Virtual Road Trip

Calling all artists and arts organizations from Parry Sound to Smokey Falls!

The Northern Arts Connection is looking to host you – virtually that is – for an info session on December 15 at 6pm.

Join us and learn more about Northern Arts Connection – a virtual hub where you can promote and sell your work; engage in discussion and workshops with other artists and organizations across Northern Ontario.

We want to celebrate the rich offering of arts in the North of this province and engage more attention for the work.

In this short session for North East and North Shore regions, we’ll explain the vision of the website and plans for the future – then open the floor to your questions and invite your feedback about how this collective could best serve your needs.

Register here:

From outside this area? More sessions to follow in January. To receive notice, email [email protected]